Singer and composer, Amie Cota, has been a performing vocalist and songwriter for nearly 20 years, traveling nationally and abroad.   She has independently released four recordings of original music, and has collaborated with artists from the diverse musical worlds of jazz, reggae, R&B, and classical.   

Any Place But Here, a song cycle composed for voice and string quartet, explores the themes of home and identity as reflected through the Great Migration, a 60-year span during which nearly 6 million African-Americans moved from the South to cities in the North and West. All songs in the cycle are composed using 20th century African-American poetry as lyric. The music, arranged for chamber ensemble, is influenced by the American roots traditions of blues, soul, folk and jazz.


Kendra McKinley perceives a song like a painter views a blank canvas: an opportunity to expand an audience’s mind, to wash their thoughts in brilliant hues of blue and violet, scarlet reds and effusive orange. Inspired by the past but not chained to it, McKinley’s music spans the diverse spectrum of pop music. She echoes the intricate vocal arrangements crafted by Brian Wilson, fractures the narrow definitions of a genre like St. Vincent, and recognizes storytelling as the key aspect of a great tune the way the best singer-songwriters have for generations.


The String Quartet Experience is Nahuel Bronzini’s arranging journey which joins together the sounds of singer-songwriting and a string quartet.  This album features collaborations between Amaranth Quartet & Mike Suarez, Camille Mai, John Haesemeyer, Kendra McKinley, Diana Gameros, Ayelen Secches, Tomàs Latorre, and Claudio Santomé.